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Welcome to Wilton Brothers Photography LLC! We are NH wedding photographers servicing all of New England capturing special occasions with style, professionalism and vivacity everywhere from the White Mountains to Portsmouth, Boston and beyond. Please have a look at our portfolios and let us know how we can help capture the magic of your wedding or other special occasion. We are also fully insured. 



Wilton Brothers Photography: One off pics1 &emdash;


Painting your picture and telling the story...


The Wilton Brothers, Matthew and Gareth, started out as NH wedding photographers about 10 years ago and have nearly 20 years combined experience behind the lens. As the company has evolved Matthew has taken over as the primary photographer as Gareth has been relocated for a new career opportunity that couldn't be passed up. 

We strive to create the best photos on your day but that's expected. A lot of effort is put in to helping you throughout your wedding planning process so you know what to expect. Building relationships is key and that starts well before wedding day. We have to work WITH each other as a team. You have to like us! We spend a lot of time together so it's important that personalities mesh well together and there is an understanding of how we like to work with you. We encourage questions and make sure to respond with any help we can provide in a timely manner. Have an idea for poses or have seen a cool photo you'd like to try on Pinterest? Great! We have our style but the day is catered to you!  

Top tier NH wedding photography is our primary market but we cover all of New England including Boston, Maine and select areas of Vermont photographing families, professionals, products and more!


Wilton Brothers Photography: One off pics1 &emdash;

Matthew Wilton

I am 41 years old originally from Manchester, England! I've been behind a camera as a professional NH photographer, cinematographer and Director of Photography for nearly 20 years now. My career has taken me on a wild ride through the entertainment industry shooting video for various reality tv shows, independent films, infomercials, music videos and more! After getting engaged and moving back to the east coast from Los Angeles in 2010 I decided to delve deeper into my photography. I quickly realized my passion for visually creating had crossed over into still images from the moving ones. Photography, especially wedding photography in NH, can be so powerful and emotional and I strive to create those shots that make people pause, smile and be happy that they will have those moments captured forever.

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." ~D. Lange

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