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After ten years behind a camera Matthew is always looking for an interesting angle. Stars of the night sky, vast landscapes, and curious observations lead to thoughtful visual perspectives of the world around us. Having been fortunate enough to travel frequently for work, Matthew has had the opportunity to seek out shots all over the United States. From Niagara Falls to Hawaii there have been plenty of special moments to savor and share. Prints are available in a variety of sizes starting at $12 for a 4x6. Please contact Matthew for more information!
Glow of the GulfThe ForestBentSentinel 2Winter O'er WolfebroLow TidePoint of ContactKnottedBeyond the BridgehouseSlipBrooklynWinter MillRe-DecorateSparseWinter SunThe BayOne Red OneBustleDistant ShoreStart of a Journey