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Amber, Matt and just a little trespassing!

September 06, 2013  •  1 Comment

You know... Sometimes you've got to do what you have to do to get some unique shots. Now, I certainly don't condone breaking the law but, at the same time, if there's no harm and no foul and it's for the sake of the art, give it a shot!

24-70 F2.8L @35mm ISO160 F.3.5 1/160th 

It's not like we were robbing a bank or anything! 

Amber and Matt are a great couple and very easy to get along with. From our first meeting at New Hampshire's premier spot for wedding clients and vendors to mingle (Panera Bread) it felt like a good match! Apparently I look like a friend of theirs and Amber looks like a good friend of mine so what other chemistry do you need?? 

The couple had found this spot by the train tracks near where they live in Milford NH and, for a photographer, what a great spot it is! New England is full of old barns, warehouses, churches and what ever these buildings are which can provide a great canvas for creativity. It turns out the property is privately owned but there was no owner in sight and with it being literally right next door to the police station, who's officers couldn't care less, we figured we'd be ok.

100mm F2.8L macro ISO160 F3.5 1/160 

We played around with different poses and ideas utilizing the buildings and the train tracks. Part of the on-going challenge for me as a photographer is building a good relationship with the clients and really figuring out the best way to work WITH them and not just FOR them. Amber and Matt wanted someone who would fit in well with them, their friends and their family and they think (so far!) that I do, and that is just as important as taking good photographs. The better the relationship, the better the pictures will be. Everyone is more comfortable and it shows.

70-200 F2.8L @75mm ISO100 F3.2 1/200

As the photographer it is my job to make the clients feel comfortable with me and what I'm asking them to do. It has to come across as natural and fun. It's always fun for me. Is it fun for them? Of course, everyone is different and the relationship is going to vary from couple to couple but the objective is the same: Make it fun and take better pictures!

70-200 F2.8L @200mm ISO100 F3.2 1/125

During the initial meeting with potential clients I feel out their level of seriousness. I like to crack jokes and be a little sarcastic and then I gauge their reaction to this. It's gone both ways! I sometimes think better of it and adjust the approach but most of the time it makes everyone more comfortable.

70-200 F2.8L @160mm ISO100 F3.2 1/125

After utilizing the area there was one other spot close by that we went to check out. This time... a small PUBLIC park by the river! The sun was getting closer to the horizon so I decided to make use of some lens flare and a bench overlooking the water and some trees. I am happy with the set I got from this session and look forward to Amber and Matt's big day next summer. 

Congratulations guys!!

70-200 F2.8L @70mm ISO100 F3.2 1/250


70-200 F2.8L @90mm ISO160 F3.2 1/80

70-200 F2.8L @70mm ISO100 F4 1/640


Amber Evans(non-registered)
Matthew, we had such a great time, and love your down to earth, personable approach to your work- all the while capturing the romance and special nature of the moment. Excited for July 12, 2014!
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